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Upgrade 3 tools for 1 price

  • Get every app in the Suite fully upgraded
  • All features, upgrades, updates, and support included
  • Improve company productivity and save money
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Instead of paying for each tool separately, get the Bundle and save 53% on subscriptions.

$ 27 .97 USD

per seat / month, billed annually, if you pay each tool separately (or $33.97 USD billed monthly)

$ 12 .99 USD

per seat / month, billed annually, for the whole bundle (or $15.99 USD billed monthly)

What’s included

Bundle gives you all three products fully upgraded to the highest ENTERPRISE plan.

  • Access to all features and software updates
  • 24/7 customer support (email, chat, phone)
  • Time/cost tracking and budget reporting
  • Increased limits, integrations, and API
  • SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified security
  • Web platform and mobile apps (iOS, Android)
  • Team communication and video conferencing
  • Project management and status tracking
  • SSO, custom domain, and activity logs
  • Advanced permissions and roles

Packed with Value

Replace your current productivity stack for a much better deal. bundle apps 12.99 USD


competiton slack, toggl, and asana bundle 55.49 USD

Frequently asked questions

  1. Log into any of our web apps - Clockify, Pumble, or Plaky (you can create a free account on any of them if you don't have one)
  2. Click Upgrade button at the top of the page
  3. Choose the Bundle option
  4. Enter payment information and pay
  5. Product from which you made the payment will be immediately upgraded to the ENTETPRISE plan
  6. Our support team will soon contact you via email, asking you which workspace in the other two products you wish to upgrade to the ENTERPRISE plan.

Each active and invited user with unique email in any product requires a seat. If you have the bundle, users need to have the same email address across products to count as one bundle seat. So for example, if you have a user in Clockify with one email and in Pumble with another, that counts as two separate bundle seats. When you deactivate some user on all three products, you free up their seat so another person can take their paid seat.

One bundle seat allows you to invite one person (one unique email address) to Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky. Whether they use one, two, or all three apps, it doesn't matter. So for example, if you have 10 bundle seats, you can have a situation where 5 people use all three products, 2 people use just Plaky, 2 people use just Pumble, and 1 person uses just Clockify - which reaches your limit of 10 unique email address across all three products.

Only full regular seats are counted in bundle. Other seat variants are treated according the their respective product pricing:
  • Clockify: Limited users in Clockify are purchased separately according to Clockify's ENTERPRISE pricing.
  • Pumble: You get single-channel guest users in Pumble for free based on number of paid seats times five (e.g. for 10 seats you can have up to 50 single-channel guest users). Note: multi-channel guests take up one full regular seat.
  • Plaky: You get viewer users in Plaky for free based on number of paid seats times five (e.g. for 10 seats you can have up to 50 viewer users).

The bundle includes ENTERPRISE version of all three products, which is highest possible plan on each product. The bundle comes with all the features so there's no need to mix or choose plans. If you want to use just two products, you can pay for the bundle and use the two you need to full extent, without having to use the third one at all (while retaining the option to change your mind later).

If you experience any issues, please reach out to our support at [email protected] with the following info:
  1. Your billing address (the email address you used to purchase the Bundle Plan)
  2. The URL from which you access your Pumble and Plaky account (which contains Pumble's workspace ID and Plaky's subdomain)
  3. A list of all your users across all three products, along with their matching unique email addresses

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our support at [email protected]. Once you cancel, you will be downgraded to the free version and you won't lose any data (canceling only affects access to the paid features).

We don't offer refunds. But, if you were mistakenly charged due to system error, contact us and we'll immediately issue you a refund. If you wish to test our products, we recommend creating an account for free on each one first.

We offer 20% OFF when paying annually. Other than the annual payment and the bundle deal, we don't offer any further discounts. We keep all our prices affordable so everyone gets the best possible deal, no negotiation necessary.

It depends on your company's country of origin. All the prices are displayed without taxes, and if we are legally required to collect VAT in your country, then that tax will be added on top of the final price, which you will see at checkout before making a payment.


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