Careers Inc. is a unicorn, product-based software company, with offices in California, Asia, and Europe. And, we’re hiring!

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Our hiring process

The hiring process at Inc. consists of 3 different steps:

  • Test/assignment
  • HR interview
  • Technical/Expert interview

Depending on the type of position you're applying for, this process might vary.


  • Working in a product-based company with talented experts in the domain
  • Private health insurance
  • Private dental insurance
  • Team building events and parties
  • A supportive, healthy, and transparent work culture that encourages innovation and growth
  • In-house learning program (social/soft skills workshops, leadership training, tech lectures, knowledge sharing and tech clubs)
  • Free healthy breakfast, fresh fruits, soft drinks
  • Onboarding buddy program

In a software development position

  1. One of our recruiters will reach out to you and schedule an informative meeting. During the meeting, the recruiter will give you more details about the company, benefits, and job, to help you get a sense of what Inc. is all about.
  2. Then, you will be asked to provide your CV, and, if everything goes well, you're ready for the first step in the hiring process — the test.
  3. The test includes both theory and practice, so it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the best possible way.
  4. After a successfully completed test, you're ready for the final two steps — the HR interview and the Technical interview.
  5. As soon as you have successfully shown all your skill and aptness for the position, you'll get an invitation to one more meeting. This is when you can expect to receive a job offer.

If you have applied for another position

  1. If you have applied for a position at Inc., you have probably sent out your carefully crafted resume.
  2. After receiving your resume and application, recruiters and/or hiring managers will look into it and send you a follow-up assignment.
  3. When you have successfully completed the assignment, the HR interview follows.
  4. The HR interview is the opportunity for us to get to know each other better, so if you prove to be a perfect fit, you can expect an invitation to the Technical interview.
  5. After all your interviews are done, and we decide you’re the best candidate for the role, you can expect an invitation to one more meeting where you'll get to hear more about the job offer.

*The hiring process might vary further for certain positions.

Depending on the position, candidates may not be expected to complete an assignment, or they might receive an invitation to a joint interview with an HR representative and a team lead, instead of two separate interviews.


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Talent acquisition team

Tamara Spasojević image

Tamara Spasojević

Talent Acquisition Manager

Tech recruiting team

Aleksandra Nelkovski image

Aleksandra Nelkovski

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Andrea Ivanesku image

Andrea Ivanesku

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Arijana Fisic image

Arijana Fišić

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Benedict Aseron image

Benedict Aseron

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jovana Zivanov image

Jovana Živanov Hardi

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Natalija Zdravković image

Natalija Zdravković

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Riva Dejan Galić image

Riva Dejan

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Simo Jokić image

Simo Jokić

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Zdenko Galić image

Zdenko Galić

Talent Acquisition Specialist

General business recruiting team

Bogdana Vitas image

Bogdana Vitas

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Milica Djekic image

Milica Đekić

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Milica Vuletić image

Milica Vuletić

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Teodora Savic image

Teodora Savić

Talent Acquisition Specialist