Spooky Stories

Welcome to spine-chilling episodes of Spooky Office Stories. Warning: Not for the managers faint of hearts.

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The Company Archives

Join Jerry for a spine-tingling adventure as he embarks on a quest through the shadows of paperwork and the mysteries of the company's archives.


Time Is Up!

Ever since her promotion and move to a new apartment four months ago, Jane has been haunted by the relentless demands of her role. As she struggles to keep up with her team's tasks, the backlog grows, and deadlines pass her by like ghosts in the night.


Midnight Miscommunication Mystery

Join us for a hair-raising episode as Nicole, the fearless tech wizard, confronts the supernatural in our haunted office. At midnight, the communication tools go haywire, and Nicole must brave the deserted halls to fix the overloaded, broken server.

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