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Building a Productivity Suite: The Story of the Bundle 

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In April 2024, launched its productivity bundle. The bundle consists of the most extensive paid plans available for 3 easy-to-use products, created to increase efficiency and ensure the productive workflow of every business:

  • Clockify — a comprehensive time tracker,
  • Pumble — a reliable tool that facilitates seamless team communication, and
  • Plaky — powerful software for detailed project and task management.

But, how was the idea for the bundle born? What are the benefits of investing in the bundle? And what does the future have in store for this productivity suite? 

To help us understand the value behind the bundle, we posed these questions to’s VPs and PMs:

What inspired products in the first place

To understand how the bundle came to be, we first need to grasp the idea behind the products included in the bundle. 

According to Nikola Bosic, every product under is designed to correspond to the specific needs of a business. As he explains it, individual products were developed with the idea of helping companies such as itself operate seamlessly:

Nikola Bosic - VP of Engineering at Pumble

“We asked ourselves — what tools does a company like ours need to operate efficiently? We identified the tools, built MVP (Minimum Viable Product) versions for internal use, and started expanding on them.”

Ljubomir Simin also believes the key to success lies in the fact that each product was created to benefit employees — i.e. people who have the same needs as teams our products were created for:

Ljubomir Simin - VP of Engineering at Clockify

“We’ve been creating products for ourselves from the very beginning. Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky are all something we use on a daily basis, and we strongly believe they are reliable tools useful to every business.”

To elaborate on what our VPs of Engineering had to say — alone, each product makes a specific aspect of everyday work easier and simpler:

  • Clockify helps teams track time for the purpose of invoicing clients, getting paid accurately, and much more,
  • Pumble helps teams communicate and collaborate together, even when physically apart, and
  • Plaky helps teams centralize their work by providing a space to manage all their tasks and projects in one place.

Together, Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky can accommodate anybody’s needs — from small businesses to large corporations — and make everyday work easier and simpler on a larger scale.

Why’s products were grouped in a bundle’s bundle groups 3 products together because it aims to address 3 universal key issues businesses face:

  • The difficulty of finding reliable, good value tools to facilitate business operations,
  • The need for better integration and connectivity between tools to automate the processes further, and
  • High price tags that come with popular business software solutions. 

So, here’s why the apps in the bundle together represent an all-encompassing solution to these challenges. 

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Because they enable company-wide productivity

Using Pumble, Clockify, and Plaky together allows companies to ensure easy and accurate communication and team collaboration, time tracking and invoicing, and project administration. 

Thus, the bundle saves the time you’d otherwise spend exploring and testing out different business tools — tools that likely don’t complement each other well, because they weren’t created to be used together in the first place — and helps you cover your operational basics. 

All three tools are simple, easy to use, and can replace the majority of your existing software. Aleksandar Olic highlights that Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky are all you need to work efficiently:

Aleksandar Olic - VP of Marketing

“Our company uses all 3 products, and outside of them, we don’t need anything else for company-wide productivity (outside of specialized software for specific jobs).”

Dragana Nesic adds that the bundle contains products that increase different aspects of user productivity:

Dragana Nesic - Product Manager at Plaky

“All of our tools are created with the idea to increase different aspects of user productivity, specifically. Plaky helps with work organization, Clockify offers various features that improve focus, such as the Pomodoro timer, while Pumble ensures proper communication between relevant team members. With the bundle, users get a full package that works together to take user productivity to the next level.”

In addition, as Bosic notes, easy access is key for this company-wide productivity:

Nikola Bosic - VP of Engineering at Pumble

“We wanted to enable users to have easy and efficient access to all of the products. The bundle allows for just that.”

Because of this, you can use all 3 products near simultaneously, via the same email address. 

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Because they work well together

As implied earlier, a crucial benefit to opting for tools created by the same company lies in their ability to connect and integrate with each other. 

Pumble and Plaky integrations for Clockify allow for even more simplified business processes.

For instance, the Pumble integration for Clockify enables team members to chat directly inside the Clockify app. 

Furthermore, the Plaky integration for Clockify allows you to track the time you spend on Plaky tasks in just one click. Using the Clockify extension, you can start the timer for your Plaky tasks. Clockify automatically fills in the info about the task you’re performing based on your Plaky entries. Once you finish your task, you can stop the timer and your time entry will be saved. 

Plaky Clockify integration
Integrate Plaky and Clockify for seamless task tracking

Olic predicts even better connectivity between the 3 powerful tools, in the years to come:

Aleksandar Olic - VP of Marketing

“We’ll introduce deeper technical integrations between our apps in the future. So you can, for example, plan and manage projects in Plaky, and see them reflected along with hours and costs in Clockify, and vice versa. Or, you can get comments from Plaky directly in Pumble, respond there, and have them available in Plaky, where all your stuff is more organized.”

Because they offer advanced business features that won’t break the bank

Investing in any tool that facilitates business operations is a big decision. Luckily, the pressure is much lower when everything you need comes with a convenient $12.99 per user/month price tag. 

The Clockify Enterprise plan is available for $11.99 a month. So, for just $1 more, businesses can enjoy the Enterprise plans for all 3 products! 

The main idea is to make the pricing fair and accessible to anyone looking to grow their business or take their operational processes to the next level. You won’t be restrained in terms of the features offered, as you’ll be subscribed to the most comprehensive plans available. 

Olic believes the bundle allows you to save money by replacing less affordable tools:

Aleksandar Olic - VP of Marketing

“You can get the highest paid version of all three products for the best price, and replace your current productivity stack with something that works just as well but is much more cost-efficient. For example, you’ll be able to get Clockify+Pumble+Plaky Enterprise features for $12.99/user/month. If you paid Monday+Toggl+Slack, it would cost you $55+/user/month.”

And here’s what you get with Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky Enterprise plans: 

  • Access to the latest features and software updates for each product,
  • Increased integrations and API,
  • SSO, custom domain, and activity logs,
  • SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified security,
  • Time and cost tracking and budget reporting,
  • Project management and status tracking,
  • 24/7 customer support (via email, chat, and phone)
  • Team communication and video conferencing, 
  • Advanced permissions and roles, and much more — because the Enterprise plans also include all the features you’d get with the lower plans.
Bundle pricing
Bundle pricing vs. pricing for separate tools

Simin highlights the affordable pricing of the bundle as a once-in-a-lifetime deal:

Ljubomir Simin - VP of Engineering at Clockify

“This bundle is a chance for businesses to get access to great business software at a symbolic and affordable price. This will be especially beneficial to companies that currently use only one of our tools.”

Expect even more from the bundle Enterprise plans already give you everything you need for seamless business operations. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Simin notes users can expect even more integrations and advancements from the bundle: 

Ljubomir Simin - VP of Engineering at Clockify

“We believe in the future of integrations. We are consistently working on various improvements and integrations that would make this productivity combo even more useful for different types of businesses.”

So, the bundle is already a great deal due to the extensive features Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky Enterprise plans offer. Add the integration and connectivity potential to that, and you have an amazing opportunity to get every tool your business needs that will be an even greater productivity ally as time goes by!

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