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Best work from home apps 

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Remote work is here to stay.

According to Pumble’s Remote work statistics, working from home has helped increase employee productivity and well-being.

Since a lot of us are now working from home, we need proper apps to support this new work arrangement — and, about 80% of workers were using collaboration tools for work in 2021. 

Check out what the best work-from-home apps to support your work arrangement are. 

Clockify — for tracking work time

Clockify is a free time tracking app that lets remote teams or freelancers track their work hours quickly and easily. 

This tool allows individuals and teams to record their time by: 

Clockify’s best feature 

Clockify represents a great employee scheduling software that allows remote companies to: 

  • Monitor their employees’ availability,
  • Make optimized schedules,
  • Manage everyone’s time off, and
  • Much more. 

Plaky — for keeping track of projects and tasks

Plaky is a free project management platform that helps increase productivity, optimize task management, and facilitate collaboration.

Some of the things you can do with Plaky include:

  • Managing tasks and projects,
  • Collaborating with your team or external clients, and
  • Tracking your project progress.

Plaky’s best feature

Plaky’s best feature is its unlimitedness. Plaky allows you to:

  • Create an unlimited number of projects, 
  • Add unlimited users, and 
  • Add an unlimited number of files to your tasks.

And all this for free.

Pumble — for effective team communication and collaboration 

Pumble is a free business chat app that:

  • Facilitates remote team communication and collaboration across countries and time zones. 
  • Keeps everyone connected in real-time or asynchronously.  

Pumble’s best feature 

Pumble keeps communication streamlined and information at hand with: 

  • Private and public channels, 
  • 1:1 voice and video calls,
  • A thread feature, 
  • Mentions and message reminders, and 
  • Pinning and saving important messages. 

Zoom — for virtual meetings and consultations

Zoom is an online video and audio conferencing app that lets you hold virtual 1:1 and group meetings, training, and webinars.

Thanks to Zoom, participating in daily meetings and discussions is quick, easy, and reliable. 

Zoom’s best feature 

With Zoom, you’ll be able to conduct interactive video webinars for up to 100 active participants and up to 50,000 view-only attendees. 

Google Drive — for file storage and synchronization

Google Drive is a multi-functional online tool that lets you:

  • Store and share your files with others,
  • Create documents from scratch in online word editors, spreadsheets, and presentation slides, and
  • Collaborate with your teammates and clients on these documents. 

Google Drive’s best feature  

Google Drive works amazingly as a mobile app. 

With Google Drive for Android, you’ll be able to snap photos of documents you want to save — such as receipts, contracts, or statements — directly from the application, and then have them stored in the Drive as PDFs.

ProtonVPN — for secure internet browsing 

ProtonVPN is a free and secure VPN solution that helps you surf the internet without jeopardizing your privacy and data.

ProtonVPN’s best feature

ProtonVPN’s anonymous VPN service will keep your browsing history private — the platform doesn’t log user activity or share your data with third-party apps.

LastPass — for protecting your passwords

LastPass is a free password manager and vault app that helps companies and individuals working from home protect and secure their passwords and personal information. 

LastPass’s best feature 

LastPass has an Autofill option — once you save a username and password, the app will fill them in with just one click. 

LastPass also has a Dark Web Monitoring feature, which can help you determine if your personal information has been exposed online. 

Microsoft Outlook — for managing emails

Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive email and calendar solution that lets you stay on top of your most important messages and events. 

Microsoft Outlook’s best feature 

The best thing about Microsoft Outlook is that you can easily integrate it with other apps from the Microsoft ecosystem and collaborate with people in PowerPoint, Excel, One Drive, and Word, too.

SignNow — for signing your documents electronically

SignNow is a cost-effective e-signature service that allows people working away from the office to electronically sign important documents.  

SignNow’s best feature 

SignNow complies with the requirements of multiple industries, from government and healthcare to high tech, construction, and real estate. 

It also has a diverse product offer. 

In addition to signing documents online, you can also enjoy contract management and negotiation, PDF editing, and online surveys. 

Canva — for collaborating on designs from afar

Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows remote-first and hybrid organizations to collaborate and create amazing visual elements from afar. 

Canva’s best feature 

Canva has an extensive template library. So, making presentations, video material, or social media content won’t be a problem, even for non-professionals. 

Snagit — for screen capturing

Snagit is a screenshot tool that helps you capture video display and audio output easily and quickly and share what you’ve captured with your teammates.  

Snagit’s best feature

With Snagit, you can create videos and GIFs from images. 

FixMe.IT — for remote desktop control

FixMe.IT is an IT support tool that:

  • Helps support teams fix app issues users have from afar, and 
  • Serves as a remote desktop control tool for people working from home.

FixMe.IT’s best feature

Thanks to FixMe.IT, you’ll be able to obtain files from and send them out to remote devices.

You’ll also be able to engage in live chat with the person whose device you’re accessing. 

Grammarly — for writing impeccable emails and messages 

Grammarly is a popular and widely-used online writing assistant designed to help business professionals write impeccable content. This app will make sure to warn you about potential mistakes in:

  • Grammar, 
  • Spelling, 
  • Punctuation, 
  • Choice of words, 
  • Repetition, 
  • Level of formality, 
  • Style, and 
  • Tone. 

Grammarly’s best feature

Grammarly’s tone detector feature is a great solution for businesses that want to always be aligned with their brand voice — as well as the ones that often collaborate with third parties.

Aloe Bud — for all-in-one self-care

Aloe Bud is an IOS app that serves as your self-care companion and makes sure you:

  • Eat on time, 
  • Stay hydrated, and 
  • Spend enough time on proper self-care.

Aloe Bud’s best feature 

Aloe Bud provides you with a micro-journal feature — you can write bite-sized entries that show how successful you are in keeping to your self-care schedule on a daily basis.

Zen: coloring book for adults — for tending to your creativity 

Zen: coloring book for adults is a digital coloring book that lets you create colorful pieces of art while listening to relaxing music. 

Zen: coloring book for adults’ best feature

With Zen, you can be creative after a hard day’s work or even squeeze a few minutes of creativity between two important meetings. 

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