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May 19, 2023 expands operations, opens new office in the Philippines

New office in the Philippines - cover

After undergoing a rebranding in early 2023, (previously COING) has decided to expand its operations and open a new office in Manila, Philippines. 

Although a remote-first company, has maintained offices in California and Europe, to provide employees with a space that drives collaboration and productivity. 

Arijana Fisic, a Talent Acquisition Specialist at, will soon be part of the in-house HR team in the Manila office. She shared that the company’s vision is a world filled with talented people who have the means to bring their ideas to life. Hopefully, employees will be able to do just that in the new office:

Arijana Fisic

“We believe that will be joined by talented people who will contribute to the company’s development in every way. It will bring us diversity, new ideas, different views, and perhaps new friendships.”

This diversity in terms of different views and new ideas is what helps us develop on a personal and professional level, believes Fisic:

Arijana Fisic

“When we work with people from other countries, it always brings something new. 

For example, it helps us see the solution to a problem from another perspective — and, through sharing experiences and knowledge, we develop new solutions. But, more importantly, we get to learn from each other and share our values and culture. As a result, we build trust and respect and adopt new things from each other.”

She also let us in on how the new office fits into the company’s goal of maintaining and strengthening a healthy and respectful work environment:

Arijana Fisic

“The aim is to establish long-term cooperation full of respect, love, and trust. This is a unique opportunity to gain new experiences. We get the chance to unite people from different countries, cooperate, and share experiences and knowledge. And, you never know — a new software product may result from all this.”

By expanding their operations and welcoming new employees from diverse backgrounds,’s team is poised to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to their work.